Edoardo Gelli (1852-1933) (Attrib. a) - Ritratto di dama

Edoardo Gelli (1852-1933) (Attrib. a) - Ritratto di dama
Öl auf Tafel - Handsigniert - seconda metà '800

Size: 30 x 20 cm, with frame 52 x 42 cm.

The portrait in question is signed with the "EG" monogram in the upper right corner, which can be interpreted as Edoardo Gelli (1852-1933). In fact, on the back there is an inscription, perhaps from the mid-20th century, that reads "E. Gelli Firenze".

Edoardo Gelli gained a prominent position in the history of Tuscan painting in the 1800s thanks to his reputation as a portraitist. Wanted by the upper bourgeoisie, in his career he made portraits of many illustrious and famous figures and even worked for the Austo-Hungarian imperial court in Vienna.

In excellent condition, the only flaw are some slight scratches on the protective paint.
The cream-coloured frame is also very beautiful, made in the second half of the 20th century.

Complete with certificate of authenticity and lawful origin.

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Titel des Kunstwerks
Ritratto di dama
Edoardo Gelli (1852-1933) (Attrib. a)
seconda metà '800
Öl auf Tafel
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