Blatt - Auf Matrix - Ghinko adiantoides

Blatt - Auf Matrix - Ghinko adiantoides
Paleocene,Sentinnel Butte Formation - Morton County, N. Dakota, USA

This is a plate of beautiful fossil Gingko leaf ,they are finely detailed and the light preservation contrasts well against the dark orangish-brown rock.
100% natural fossil, my pieces are sandblasted clean, this is how we take out all the details and do not damage the most fragile parts.
These leaves are found in deposits accumulated on top of each other. At the front the best one is chosen and it is sandblasted around it.

Piece size: 13.9 x 11.5 cm.(height x wide)
Leaf size: 8.4 x 7.2 cm.(height x wide)

It will be carefully packed and shipped with online tracking. There will also be insurance for losses or breakages in transportation.

*The Ginkgo genus was only represented by a single polymorphic species, Ginkgo adiantoides. This species was distributed in much of North America which had a hot, humid climate. It became extinct about 7 million years ago.

Auf Matrix
Wissenschaftlicher Name
Ghinko adiantoides
Morton County, N. Dakota, USA
Geologischer Zeitraum
Paleocene,Sentinnel Butte Formation
Guter Zustand
996 g
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