Pellegrini Riccardo (attribuito a) - Natura morta con bimbo

Pellegrini Riccardo (attribuito a) - Natura morta con bimbo
Öl auf Leinwand - Nicht signiert - XIX sec.

Beautiful painting depicting a still life with child.
Unmistakable hand of the Milanese painter Riccardo Pellegrini (Milan, 1863 – Crescenzago, 31 March 1934). Trained in Milan during the Romanticism, he studied in Rome and Naples, guided by Domenico Morelli; he traveled extensively throughout Europe, including England, France and Spain, the latter an important source of inspiration for the Spanish rustic subjects of many of his paintings.
His trip to Spain also inspired him in his work as an illustrator, which saw him make drawings for the major magazines of the time. Also in Spain, he illustrated Cervantes' Don Quixote and Alain-René Lesage's Gil Blas.
He then created many subjects for postcards that are now collectible.

The painting was part of a private collection that included two paintings in a pair, one of which was signed (as was usual when the artist believed that the work was made up by the two paintings together), unfortunately over time the signed painting was lost, but the artist’s hand is unmistakable.

From a private collection.
Professional packaging and insured shipping.

Titel des Kunstwerks
Natura morta con bimbo
Pellegrini Riccardo (attribuito a)
XIX sec.
Öl auf Leinwand
Nicht signiert
Angeboten mit Rahmen
In gutem Zustand
44×82 cm
68×11×97 cm
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