Tammaro Francesco (Napoli 1939) - Si Parte - La Napoli scomparsa

Tammaro Francesco (Napoli 1939) - Si Parte - La Napoli scomparsa
Öl auf Tafel - Handsigniert, Künstlerstempel - 2020

A marvellous Impressionist-style work on small panel by one of the last living master from the Neapolitan Impressionist scene, Francesco Tammaro.
This international artist, included in the national catalogue of modern art, with excellent quotations, was born in Naples in 1939 and lives in Sorrento. His subjects are highly appreciated for the elegance and harmony of the scenes and are very rare and sought after by collectors.
His works are an excellent investment.
The work at auction belongs to a series of works depicting ancient Naples and depicts the ancient railway station. The work is entitled: 'Si parte'.
In this work the master makes us feel the emotion of that time.

The work is in excellent overall condition, it also bears signature, artist’s stamp and certificate of authenticity. From the MDL collection
The exceptional pictorial skill of the artist highlights the details that make this panel a true work of art.
It comes with authenticated photo. Accurate, insured and tracked shipping.

Titel des Kunstwerks
Si Parte - La Napoli scomparsa
Tammaro Francesco (Napoli 1939)
Öl auf Tafel
Handsigniert, Künstlerstempel
Angeboten mit Rahmen
In gutem Zustand
24×18 cm
3 kg
24×1×18 cm
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