Römische Republik - Denario, GIulio Cesare (Julius Caesar), 49-48 a.C. - Silber

Römische Republik - Denario, GIulio Cesare (Julius Caesar), 49-48 a.C. - Silber
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Roman Republic
Julius Caesar 49-48 BC.
AR Denarius

Obv/ CAESAR elephant trampling dragon, banner of the Germans.

Rev/ Sacrificial instruments which recall the office of Pontifex Maximus held by Caesar.

Ref.: Cr.443/1.
Weight: 3.58 g
Diameter: 17.3 mm
Condition: VF

Beautiful coin with fantastic designs in relief, very good centring and beautiful backgrounds with a dark patina.
Rare version.
The coin is more beautiful in the hand.

Small scratches from improper cleaning (lower part on the word Caesar), otherwise in XF condition.

Exceptional coin, and we guarantee its authenticity.

From Tintinna numismatic auction.

Please note:
• Coin of lawful origin (international auction)
• Authenticity guaranteed
• We kindly ask you to take a careful look at the photos, as they are an integral part of and preliminary to the description
• The photos were taken with the aid of a macro lens in optimal light conditions (sunlight).
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• Will be supplied with a tracking number with full collaboration on the part of the seller.

Jahr / Periode und Variation
GIulio Cesare (Julius Caesar), 49-48 a.C.
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