Keine Reserve - "Pigeon Blood" Red Ruby - 1.74 ct

Keine Reserve - "Pigeon Blood" Red Ruby - 1.74 ct
Oval - AIGS (Thailand)

Very Rare Untreated 'Pigeon Blood' Red Ruby from Mozambique.
Perfectly suited as an investment, collector's item.
With full AIGS certificate.

*No Reserve Price*

Variety: Natural Ruby
Species: Natural Corundum
Weight: 1.74 ct
Colour: 'Pigeon Blood' Red
Shape: Oval Cut
Transparency: Transparent (seller’s opinion)
Measurement: 8.15 x 6.25 x 3.53 mm
Treatment: No indications of treatment have been found
Origin: Mozambique (seller's opinion)
Comment: small chips on the pavilion and slightly abraded facet edges.

AIGS report no.: GF20071266

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Keine Reserve - "Pigeon Blood" Red Ruby
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AIGS (Thailand)
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