Klassisch - Philips Tourismo TI 1970 - met L/M/K/FM en Din

Klassisch - Philips Tourismo TI 1970 - met L/M/K/FM en Din
sehr ordentlicher Zustand - 4.6×17.8×13.2 cm

Vintage very well working Philips 691 from 1970, sold in Germany as type Tourismo, in Italy as type Phantom, international appeal from Philips.
The ‘looks’ of this 4-band Philips with buttons for wave selection and preset channels is typical Philips, its quality is similar to Blaupunkt/Becker.
This 14-transistor Philips has been tested, all of the buttons/knobs work well as does the lighting. Very good reception on SW/LW, MW and FM (UKW). Powerful (5W) playback. Advice: use good speaker(s)!
This classic 50-year-old Philips has the 2020 option to listen to your preferred music from an iPod/smartphone by use of the DIN output at the back.
This is your chance if you’re looking for a vintage well-functioning ‘period’ analogue car radio for your ‘valuable’ classic car.
The Philips will be well packaged and sent by insured mail.

Art des Objekts
Qualität (Automobilia)
Original/ offiziell
met L/M/K/FM en Din
Modell/ Titel
Philips Tourismo TI 1970
sehr ordentlicher Zustand
4.6×17.8×13.2 cm
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