Classic Analog - Philips 782 Hi-Q - 1978 - NO RESERVE

Classic Analog - Philips 782 Hi-Q - 1978 - NO RESERVE
Gebraucht - 5×18×11 cm

The classic 42 years 'old' mono Philips 782 was in 1978 a Hi-Q (High Quality) car stereo and much appreciated by the music enthusiasts. With 2 wavelengths (MW/FM), the 6 preset buttons, proper amplifier (>5W), the separate tone control and the IAC (noise suppressor), the (1978) quality of this car Philips car radio is emphasised. The Philips 782 has been tested, excellent MW/FM reception and display, a neat front/buttons, recessed fastening feathers and good lighting.
1 downside: mount on/off by switch in 12V wire.
This Philips 782 is a nice addition to every brand of classic car from the 1970s (and early 1980s) and will undoubtedly offer a lot of enjoyment with good reception, powerful playback via a good speaker (recommended!).
NO RESERVE - so everyone has the chance to win this vintage analog Philips 782 that is shipped well packaged and insured.

Art des Objekts
Classic Analog
Qualität (Automobilia)
Original/ offiziell
Modell/ Titel
Philips 782 Hi-Q
5×18×11 cm
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