Jaap Ravelli - Ravelli - Vase - Keramik

Jaap Ravelli - Ravelli - Vase - Keramik
Niederlande - 1950-1974

Vase with doves by Ravelli.

Black and white combination.

Very high quality design! Please view the photos.

The brothers Dick and Jacob Joseph (Jaap) Ravelli founded a small business in Leiden in 1942 called D. Ravelli & Co, Decorative Art Workshop.

Initially, contract workers and homeworkers painted white tiles using oil paint; these where afterwards sold by the Ravelli brothers.

Dick was the engineer and the administrator while Jaap (Princenhage, 20 June 1916), the one that studied at the institute for drawing teachers in Amsterdam, was the creative and business oriented brother. He also takes care of the clay composition and develops the necessary glazes.

The brothers start a pottery in 1944, for which a 1.3 m turf oven is built. The first good products are obtained in 1946 (casting procedure and manual twisting). In 1947, the company is relocated to Valkenburg where it uses an electrical oven. They also employ a turner (Herman Stouten). Initially they make domestic earthenware.

During the 1950's, Ravelli earthenware establishes its own identity. Their products are successfully sold and are even exported (to 32 countries).

Their earthenware receives a special mention in 1955 at the Triennale di Milano. Besides bowls and vases, they also manufacture plastic animals.

Because of the increased labour costs and the competition, the brothers choose to close the company in 1977.

Designer/ Künstler
Jaap Ravelli
Hersteller/ Marke
Modell/ Name
Duivenvaas, Vorm 75
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Wie neu - unbenutzt
145×115×0 mm
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