Russland - Luftfahrt Chronograph АЧС-1 № 07605 - Original aus der UdSSR

Russland - Luftfahrt Chronograph АЧС-1 № 07605 - Original aus der UdSSR
Original - Guter Zustand

Mechanical, manual wind. Dial colour: Black Diameter of dial: 175mm Balance: free screw Maximum operation before re-winding: 48 hours min Made in USSR Antique collectible watches "АЧС-1". Upper small clock dial shows flight time/ Lower small dial - stopwatch/ The main clock dial shows hours, minutes and seconds.The watch was produced in the 80s at the Chelyabinsk Aircraft Watch Factory which began its work in 1947. The factory organized the production of pocket, interior, aviation and technical watches (tank, ship). The main products of the plant were aviation watches, and the main customer is the USSR Ministry of Defense. This watches stood in the cabins of all generations of Soviet combat aircraft of the MiG, Su, TU, An, Yak brands, so the name АЧС-1 became a common name for Soviet and Russian pilots in respect of any aviation watch.
All functions works ok.
Mechanical high grade movement.
Used at MIG´s and other russian high performance aviation models.

Day time clock: (central hour and minute hand)
Chronograph: central 60 sec + 60 minutes chronograph register at "6".
Time of tryp: hours+minutes register at "12".
Change each function pushing left crown (changing square mark above "6" at time of tryp register.
Difficult to find such a "fuly complicated" high grade chronograph for dash (same as old Jaeger).
Could be plugged to a power supply for a heating system with very low temp.

Left crown (red) for winding - setting time - setting chrono function.
Right crown for start-stop-reset chronograph.
High desk visibility.

You will have official day time and a fully chronograph at this high visibility instrument.
USSR/CCCP made. Used at high performance war airplanes (Mig-25-29-etc...)
Nice add for your vintage watches collection.
Perfect vintage gift.

The material is мetal.
Quantity of ruby stones – 26 pieces.
The Working tension of a chain of an electric heater – 27 ±2, 7 V (direct current).
The watch was fully serviced by the watchmaker (lubrication and cleaning of the mechanism). Completely in working condition.

Diameter of the dial - 8,5 см
Depth hours - 6,5 см
Preserved in working condition. I took a lot of pictures - Please look

I guarantee that after the auction ends , the item will be shipped within 3 working days , the buyer can offer the tracking number .

Shipping from Ukraine can be up to 15 - 30 days

Luftfahrt Chronograph АЧС-1 № 07605 - Original aus der UdSSR
Guter Zustand
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