Diamant - 1.04 ct - Oval - Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange - Reinheit verbessert, VS2

Diamant - 1.04 ct - Oval - Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange - Reinheit verbessert, VS2

Diamond Comes With AIG Certificate + Laser Inscription / Unsealed

As an extra service we will have the diamond laser engraved with the certificate number before shipping.

100% Natural Earth Mined Diamond.

Certificate number : D96909791IL

Shape and Cutting Style : Oval

Measurements : 7.20 x 5.46 x 3.64 mm

Carat Weight : 1.04 carat

Color Grade: Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow Orang

Clarity Grade : VS2

Cut :

Polish :Very Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Girdle : Thick

Fluorescence : Faint

For more information see certificate.

Online Verification at WWW.AIGLABORATORIES.COM

Shipping : Expedited Insured Fedex

**Import duties and taxes are not included in the item price.
The ​Import process is very ​simple as ​the shipping company does the entire import procedure​.
All the customer has to do is pay the VAT and customs clearance.

***** France Buyers: Please note the increased cost for shipments to France. This cost includes the handling, delivery and broker fee which is required for importing diamonds to France. This is a specialized service provided by D2D VAL Express. This fee covers all costs except any applicable Import VAT.

* China buyer : Please do not bid, we can not ship diamonds to china.

*Privet buyers from Belgium : Please do not bid, Only diamond company's can buy diamonds in Belgium.

This diamond has been clarity enhanced to improve the visual appearance of the diamond, the physical characteristics however can not be changed by this treatment .It is therefore that the clarity mentioned in the description and/or certificate should be regarded as the visual clarity and not as the intrinsic clarity.

* if winning bidder decides to cancel / withdraw they will bear risk , cost of all shipping and return import duties of seller .

Diamond Number : Sasi-88

Farbe und Tönung
Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange
Reinheit verbessert, VS2
Reinheit verbessert
Laser graviert
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