Stoppuhr von "Slava" - Slava - 1970-1980

Stoppuhr von "Slava" - Slava - 1970-1980
Gut - Sichtbare Gebrauchsspuren und Alterserscheinungen - 23.4×20×85 mm - Messing-

We are offering a beautiful stopwatch of "Slava" Produced in USSR - Original.

The design is really majestic and beautiful.°
And in the original box.

This chronograph is in mint condition - plastic protective film was not removed.
Original packaging.
20 ruby stones
Year of production: 1972.
Dimensions Sdspr-1-2:
Case diameter: 65/85 mm
Height with glass: 23.4 mm
Weight: 230 g

Manufacturer: the 2nd Moscow watch factory.
Description Cronometer Sdspr:
Cronometer Sdspr-1-2-000 allows you to measure time intervals with accuracy up to 1/10 seconds. To ensure such a high precision mechanism of the stopwatch is done by the upper class.
Specifications Sdspr-1-2: Caliber mechanism: 54 mm Number of stones: 20 The length of the device from one complete plant spring of not less than 8 hours.
The price of division of scales:
- 0.1 seconds;
- min 0.5 min.
The number of divisions of the scales: 300
The period of oscillation balance: 0.2 s.
Hand movement seconds, selectable with an interval of 0.1 sec.
Temperature -40...+ 40° C.

Condition: see foto

Will be posted recorded delivery with the tracking number.

Art des Objekts
Stoppuhr von "Slava"
Qualität (Automobilia)
Original/ offiziell
Gut - Sichtbare Gebrauchsspuren und Alterserscheinungen
23.4×20×85 mm
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