Blaupunkt - Melbourne M21 Stereo - 1981

Blaupunkt - Melbourne M21 Stereo - 1981
Guter Zustand und Radio funktioniert. - 50×179×170 mm

The Montreal M21 from Blaupunkt is special because of the use of red LEDs in the tuning scale. Which makes this a typical 1980s radio. This is a magnificent radio for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes or other expensive modern mid-range cars from the early 80s.
This offered radio is completely original, all of the LEDs work (!). Unfortunately the cassette player does not function. The radio is complete and undamaged.

- Type: Blaupunkt Melbourne M21 Stereo 7 641 648 010
- FM (3 preset channels), Long wave (L) and Medium wave (M) with 2 preset channels
- Year of manufacture 1981
- 12 Volts
- Stereo
- 2x10 Watts output power
- Tone control and balance control
- Mounting dimensions (w x h x d) 179 x 50 x 180 mm
- Made in Germany

Art des Objekts
Qualität (Automobilia)
Original/ offiziell
Melbourne M21 Stereo - 1981
Guter Zustand und Radio funktioniert.
50×179×170 mm
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