R.E.M. - At The BBC (8CD & DVD Box Set) - CD Boxset - 2018/2018

R.E.M. - At The BBC (8CD & DVD Box Set) - CD Boxset - 2018/2018
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R.E.M. ‎– R.E.M. At The BBC (8CD & DVD Box Set)
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Track Listing/Description
R.E.M. grew up with the BBC, and this historic relationship is lovingly celebrated across an incredible collection that beautifully illustrates the career trajectory of one of modern music’s greatest bands. The collection comprises a treasure trove of rare and unreleased live and studio recordings culled from the BBC and band archives. This is a must-have collection for R.E.M. fans and an authoritative introduction for newcomers.

In-studio performances featured in the 8-CD/1-DVD box set include a John Peel Session (1998), Drivetime and Mark and Lard appearances (2003) and a glorious Radio 1 Live Lounge performance (2008). Live broadcasts include a rough-and-tumble show from Nottingham’s Rock City (1984), the stunning 1995 Milton Keynes Monster Tour (their first after a six-year break), a blistering 1999 Glastonbury headline set and an invitation-only 2004 show at London’s St James’s Church.

The DVD kicks off with a sixty-minute intimate retrospective of the band’s legendary performances at the BBC in the Accelerating Backwards film – previously broadcast only in the UK and available commercially for the first time here. Accelerating Backwards also includes revealing interviews with Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Michael Stipe, further testifying to R.E.M.’s long, special relationship with the BBC. The DVD also offers a complete 1998 Later….With Jools Holland episode uniquely dedicated to the band, plus TV appearances on Top of the Pops and more.

CD 1 - BBC Sessions
CD1-1 World Leader Pretend 4:36
CD1-2 Fretless 5:16
CD1-3 Half A World Away 3:33
CD1-4 Radio Song 4:05
CD1-5 Losing My Religion 4:42
CD1-6 Love Is All Around 3:09
CD1-7 Walk Unafraid 4:04
CD1-8 Daysleeper 3:18
CD1-9 Lotus 4:13
CD1-10 At My Most Beautiful 3:16
CD1-11 Bad Day 4:03
CD1-12 Orange Crush 3:55
CD1-13 Man On The Moon 4:59
CD1-14 Imitation Of Life 3:41
CD1-15 Supernatural Superserious 3:23
CD1-16 Munich 3:18

CD 2 - BBC Sessions
CD2-1 Introduction 0:26
CD2-2 Losing My Religion 4:44
CD2-3 New Test Leper 5:53
CD2-4 Lotus 4:48
CD2-5 Parakeet 4:23
CD2-6 Electrolite 4:23
CD2-7 Perfect Circle 4:39
CD2-8 The Apologist 4:40
CD2-9 Band Introductions 1:04
CD2-10 Daysleeper 4:44
CD2-11 Country Feedback 7:23
CD2-12 At My Most Beautiful 4:14
CD2-13 Walk Unafraid 4:52
CD2-14 Man On The Moon 6:11

CD 3 - BBC Live Broadcasts: Rock City - Nottingham, England 1984
CD3-1 Second Guessing 2:57
CD3-2 Hyena 2:57
CD3-3 Talk About The Passion 3:04
CD3-4 West Of The Fields 3:07
CD3-5 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville 4:29
CD3-6 Auctioneer (Another Engine) 3:01
CD3-7 So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) 4:51
CD3-8 Old Man Kensey 4:24
CD3-9 Gardening At Night 3:26
CD3-10 9-9 / Hey Diddle Diddle / Feeling Gravity Pull 5:39
CD3-11 Windout 1:49
CD3-12 Driver 8 3:25
CD3-13 Pretty Persuasion 3:33
CD3-14 Radio Free Europe 3:49
CD3-15 Wendell Gee 3:21
CD3-16 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars) 4:47

CD 4- BBC Live Broadcasts: The National Bowl - Milton Keynes, England 1995 - Pt. 1
CD4-1 What's The Frequency, Kenneth? 3:54
CD4-2 Crush With Eyeliner 4:42
CD4-3 Drive 3:51
CD4-4 Turn You Inside-Out 4:17
CD4-5 Try Not To Breathe 3:50
CD4-6 I Took Your Name 4:15
CD4-7 Undertow 5:16
CD4-8 Bang And Blame 4:58
CD4-9 I Don't Sleep, I Dream 4:14
CD4-10 Strange Currencies 4:31
CD4-11 Revolution 3:20
CD4-12 Tongue 4:38

CD 5 - BBC Live Broadcasts: The National Bowl - Milton Keynes, England 1995 - Pt. 2
CD5-1 Man On The Moon 5:46
CD5-2 Country Feedback 6:49
CD5-3 Half A World Away 4:04
CD5-4 Losing My Religion 4:54
CD5-5 Pop Song 89 3:27
CD5-6 Finest Worksong 3:48
CD5-7 Get Up 2:54
CD5-8 Star 69 4:00
CD5-9 Let Me In 3:59
CD5-10 Everybody Hurts 7:24
CD5-11 Fall On Me 3:11
CD5-12 Departure 3:52
CD5-13 Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) 5:15

CD 6 - BBC Live Broadcasts: Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury Festival - Pilton, England 1999 - Pt. 1
CD6-1 Lotus 4:36
CD6-2 What's The Frequency, Kenneth? 4:09
CD6-3 So Fast, So Numb 4:47
CD6-4 The Apologist 4:36
CD6-5 Fall On Me 3:26
CD6-6 Daysleeper 3:29
CD6-7 The Wake-Up Bomb 5:01
CD6-8 The One I Love 3:27
CD6-9 Sweetness Follows 5:50
CD6-10 At My Most Beautiful 3:37

CD 7 - BBC Live Broadcasts: Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury Festival - Pilton, England 1999 - Pt. 2
CD7-1 Losing My Religion 5:24
CD7-2 Everybody Hurts 6:47
CD7-3 Walk Unafraid 4:17
CD7-4 Star 69 3:04
CD7-5 Finest Worksong 4:22
CD7-6 Man On The Moon 5:43
CD7-7 Why Not Smile 2:10
CD7-8 Crush With Eyeliner 4:40
CD7-9 Tongue 5:19
CD7-10 Cuyahoga 4:37
CD7-11 Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) 6:58

CD 8 - BBC Live Broadcasts: St. James's Church - London, England 2004
CD8-1 Intro 0:47
CD8-2 So Fast, So Numb 5:13
CD8-3 Boy In The Well 5:20
CD8-4 I Wanted To Be Wrong 5:19
CD8-5 E-Bow The Letter
Featuring – Thom Yorke
CD8-6 Around The Sun 5:02
CD8-7 Aftermath 3:58
CD8-8 Losing My Religion 4:47
CD8-9 Walk Unafraid 5:10
CD8-10 Leaving New York 4:48
CD8-11 Imitation Of Life 4:35
CD8-12 Man On The Moon 5:34

DVD- BBC Television Broadcasts
Accelerating Backwards
DVD-1 Moon River
DVD-2 Pretty Persuasion
DVD-3 Pop Song 89
DVD-4 Orange Crush
DVD-5 Losing My Religion
DVD-6 Half A World Away
DVD-7 Crush With Eyeliner
DVD-8 Man On The Moon
DVD-9 Daysleeper
DVD-10 Imitation Of Life
DVD-11 So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)
DVD-12 All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)
DVD-13 Leaving New York
Later... With Jools Holland Presents R.E.M.
DVD-14 Losing My Religion
DVD-15 Lotus
DVD-16 New Test Leper
DVD-17 Daysleeper
DVD-18 Electrolite
DVD-19 At My Most Beautiful
DVD-20 The Apologist
DVD-21 Country Feedback
DVD-22 Parakeet
DVD-23 So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)
DVD-24 Walk Unafraid
DVD-25 Man On The Moon
DVD-26 The Passanger
Bonus Videos
DVD-27 I've Been High
DVD-28 Nightswimming
DVD-29 Bad Day


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