Buch, "Ecrits pour l'art" von Emile Gallé

Buch, "Ecrits pour l'art" von Emile Gallé
Frankreich - 1890-1919 - Papier

Rare original edition of the book Ecrits pour l'art written by Emile Gallé. This is a collection of his notes about various techniques of representing nature through the arts of ceramics, glass and cabinetmaking.
Published by his wife in 1908, after his death, it represents a pillar of natural philosophy in the applied arts of the Art Nouveau period.
In its original French language.
This book cannot be missing within any collection of works by Emile Gallé.
382 pages: 379 numbered plus index.
At the beginning we find the photo of Emile Gallé on a hardcover page, with his signature and the inscription AE 49 1895.
The pages show some yellowing and some stains due to ageing, but there are no tears nor significant damage.
Inside, pages from 81 to 96 were lost.
Size of the book: 12 x 18.5 cm (closed), thickness 3 cm.

"Ecrits pour l'art" von Emile Gallé, Buch
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