Domenico Induno (1815-1878) - Ritratto di Emilia Trezzini

Domenico Induno (1815-1878) - Ritratto di Emilia Trezzini
Öl auf Leinwand - Handsigniert - metà Ottocento

Oil on canvas, painting size: approximately 26 x 19 cm, size with frame: 39.5 x 32 cm.
The back bears the following:
- original cartouche of the time, handwritten, reading "Di proprietà della signora Trezzini Emilia", the painter’s wife;
- handwritten cartouches with inventory number of Christie’s auction house;
- handwritten inscription in italics with green marker, in the middle: "Maria Elvira Celia Mendez de Bernasconi / 1977";
- handwritten inventory numbers on the stretcher.

It is a painting of great historical and critical value: it depicts Emilia Trezzini, wife of Induno and sister of the painter Angelo Trezzini, often used as a model by Induno. A second version is known of this subject, with variants, known as "La Pensierosa”. The painting remained in the painter's family, then became the property of his wife and then entered the famous Bernasconi collection, in Switzerland. What makes this item so special is its history: we know the entire origin of the painting, seamlessly, a rare fact that is fundamental for the purpose of proving authenticity.


- originally a gift of the painter to his wife Emilia Trezzini;
- purchased by the Bernasconi family, Felix and Juan Bernasconi collection;
- through inheritance, collection Anna Maria Elvira Celia Mendez de Bernasconi;
- auctioned by Christie’s in London in 1987, auction of the works from the Bernasconi collection;
- private collection in Italy.


In excellent condition, the surface is intact and it shows no losses or deterioration; the colour is bright and vivid, there are no oxidation or dirt deposits.
Please note the mark left by a slight bump on top right on the veil that covers the hair of the subject portrayed: the bump has generated a slight indentation in the canvas and a barely visible scratch. The signature was checked under ultraviolet fluorescent light and it is authentic.

Complete with certificate of authenticity and lawful origin.

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Titel des Kunstwerks
Ritratto di Emilia Trezzini
Domenico Induno (1815-1878)
metà Ottocento
Öl auf Leinwand
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