Manifattura Chini - Progetto di vetrata. Disegno originale

Manifattura Chini - Progetto di vetrata. Disegno originale
Bleistiftzeichnung, Tempera - Chini Stempel + offizielle Zertifizierung - 1895

Original tempera + pencil drawing of an important stained glass project, made towards the beginning of the 1900s (read certification with full description) which was then made in 1935 - Vetri d'arte Innocenti / Borgo San Lorenzo.

Authentication / certificate: Patrizia Manfredi Chini (Chini Museo)
Artwork: 16.5 x 21.7 cm.
Overall size: 54 x 5 x 64 cm.
Frame: Beautiful presentation with antique glass, included for free.

Note: Shipping costs include packaging materials, includes, preparation of the parcel and label.


Tito Chini was born in Florence, son of Chino Chini. His father was an artist, a ceramicist chemist expert, cousin and collaborator of Galileo Chini in the Florentine workshop Arte della ceramica from 1896 and later, from 1906, in the Fornaci San Lorenzo in Borgo San Lorenzo (FI). Tito, an eclectic artist of great culture, descended from a family of artists for generations, was placed by his father, like his younger brother Augusto, in the borghigiana manufacture, studied at the Art School in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence and graduated in 1916. He then collaborated at a very young age with the Fornaci San Lorenzo, becoming its artistic director in 1925 after Galileo left, a position he held until the closure of the factory due to the aerial bombardment of 1943.

With his artistic production, Tito Chini claimed the manual excellence of the artist-craftsman, conceiving modern decorative art in close relationship with architecture. According to his philosophy of life, art and consequently beauty had to enter everyday life, according to a project of democratization of art.

Tito Chini, despite having been trained through the experience learned in the family ceramic factory, will try through his temperament to overcome and renew the artistic production of the "Fornaci San Lorenzo" that had reached the pinnacle of success already with Galileo Chini. It was he who renewed the repertoire of the family business towards more art deco motifs, inspired by Giò Ponti and Guido Andloviz.

Tito Chini is buried dressed in the Franciscan robe in Palazzuolo sul Senio, in the hometown of his wife Valentina, where he resided with the Bianconcini Strigelli family and had important assignments.

He is a member of the Commission established for the restoration of buildings of the Passeggiata di Viareggio and made the entire decorative setup of the Terme Berzieri in Salsomaggiore. He taught at the Academy of Florence, where his students were Ottone Rosai, Primo Conti and Marino Marini. In the last years of his life he focused on intimate and lyrical easel painting, up to the works denouncing the devastation of the Second World War and the later dark depictions of death.

Titel des Kunstwerks
Progetto di vetrata. Disegno originale
Manifattura Chini
Bleistiftzeichnung, Tempera
Chini Stempel + offizielle Zertifizierung
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