Rogier Vandeweghe - Perignem - Vase - Uilenvaas

Rogier Vandeweghe - Perignem - Vase - Uilenvaas
Belgien - 1960-1969 - Keramik

Perignem owl vase.
Design: Vandeweghe
Unique deep blue colour.
Fantastic condition.

Rogier studied arts at Sint-Lucas in Ghent (1940-1945) and did a short internship with Joost Maréchal in 1947. Shortly after, he opened a ceramics studio in Aalter (1948-1949), together with his brother Laurent Vandeweghe (1916-2002). After that they built a larger company in Beernem, on land that their father owned. Their studio was named "Perignem" (through the fire). Roger became the artistic leader who made the designs and also painted ceramic objects. In 1954 he also started producing stained-glass windows.

The designs were dominated by two styles: on the one hand the copy-antique (Delft and Strasbourg), and on the other hand more popular-traditional decorations in the style of Joost Maréchal. Apart from these decorative and practical items, they also produced multiple reliefs and sculptures (large and small) for churches, monasteries and private residences. The designs of the sculptures were done by sculptors Cyriel Maertens and Jacques Van de Vijvere. Rogier sometimes also received requests for wall paintings in West Flemish churches. Modern forms and decorations were exception rather than rule at the Perignem studio. His brother Laurent was not trained as an artist, and took on multiple technical duties (preparing clay, filling and unloading the ovens, etc.) The ceramic was highly varied in size and use: jugs, jars, ashtrays, small and large vases, tiles and tile tableaus.

Designer/ Künstler
Rogier Vandeweghe
Modell / Name
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Hervorragender Zustand - kaum gebraucht, mit minimalen Altersspuren & Verschleißerscheinungen
440×160×0 mm
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