William Nuzzo - Paesaggio di montagna

William Nuzzo - Paesaggio di montagna
Öl auf Hartfaserplatte - Handsigniert - XX secolo

Oil on masonite, signed bottom left, painting size: approximately 40 x 50 cm, size with frame: 65 x 75 cm.

William Nuzzo passed through the history of painting of the second half of the twentieth century touching on multiple forms of expression and styles, from the figurative to the abstract. This painting looks at the great examples of mountain painting of the late 1800s and early 1900s, to masters such as Cesare Maggi and Leonardo Roda or Andrea Tavernier, models far from Nuzzo's homeland, Calabria, but capable of being deeply evocative to him. Nuzzo reinterprets this academic lesson in a new way, with a style in line with the technical experimentation of the full twentieth century. Clouds become spots of colour reminiscent of abstract paintings, the trees are described by long brushstrokes with wide zigzags and wrapped on themselves as moving propellers. By distancing oneself and observing from afar, everything comes together in a solid and balanced composition, with a perfect sense of perspective and skilful management of spaces.

In excellent condition, the colour retains the original brilliance and no intervention is necessary. The only thing to report is a small colour loss in the centre near the right edge, which was photographed.


Complete with certificate of authenticity and lawful origin.

Non-Italian buyers: please bear in mind that a certificate of free circulation, an authorisation issued by the Ministry of Fine Arts, is required for shipping outside Italy. The completion of this procedure, also due to the limitations imposed by Covid-19, may take from a minimum of 15 days to over a month.

Italian buyers are reminded to provide their tax code to issue the invoice in case of purchase.

Titel des Kunstwerks
Paesaggio di montagna
William Nuzzo
XX secolo
Öl auf Hartfaserplatte
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