Afro Celotto - Murano - Mehrfarbige Bodenvase / Skulptur (72 cm)

Afro Celotto - Murano - Mehrfarbige Bodenvase / Skulptur (72 cm)
Italien - 2000 - bis heute - Glas, Kupfer

Vase/sculpture, exclusive work of art made entirely by hand on the island of Murano by artist Afro Celotto using the techniques of Reticello, Canne, Zanfirico, classic and blue Avventurine (a special technique which involves blowing copper micro-crystals into the glass to make it sparcle), Battuto and Bullicante. Each element is made entirely by hand by the master glass blower and then fused together by hand in accordance with his design at temperatures which reach 1200-1300 Centigrade. Lots of hard hammering work in the cold workshop. The Battuto (cut) technique is done entirely by hand by a master grinder, a glass cutting artist.

- In excellent condition, new.

- Unique piece, signed with a diamond tip by master glass artist Afro Celotto, Murano 1/1

- With certificate of guarantee and authenticity, and biography of the artist.

- height 72 cm x width 25 cm x depth 16 cm, weight 3.5 kg

- Professional and secure packaging in box, insured and tracked shipping.

Mehrfarbige Bodenvase / Skulptur (72 cm)
Glas, Kupfer
Designer/ Künstler
Afro Celotto
Geschätzter Zeitraum
2000 - bis heute
Wie neu - unbenutzt
72×25×16 cm
5400 g
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