Scuola genovese (seguace di Luca Cambiaso) - Il giudizio di Re Salomone

Scuola genovese (seguace di Luca Cambiaso) - Il giudizio di Re Salomone
Öl auf Leinwand - Nicht signiert - Prima metà XVII sec.

This fascinating seventeenth-century canvas depicting the biblical passage of King Solomon's judgment immediately strikes for the splendid colour scheme and for the brightness of the figures in the foreground, accentuated by a masterful chiaroscuro effect and by the shaded area on the right side that allows a glimpse of the inside the palace.
The compositional typology and the style of the painting direct the attribution to a follower of the Lombard painter Luca Cambiaso (Offanengo, April 17, 1604 - Calcinato, July 12, 1656) or to his workshop.
In the five-year period 1625 - 1630 we know he was active in Milan, but he was
also active in Valtellina and Alto Lario, acquiring skills and
fame. during the next decade he was highly sought after in Brescia,
Lodi, Crema and to support the high number of commissions
Evaristo Baschenis and two of his eight children, Carlo Antonio and Giovan Angelo, worked in his workshop.
Returning to the artwork, the reference to the master or to one of his pupils influenced by him in those years seems quite convincing, especially if we evaluate the quality of the pigments and scenic constructions.
The painting was relined in the first half of the 20th century and needs small interventions.
The carved and leaf-gilded frame is not coeval.

From a private collection.
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Titel des Kunstwerks
Il giudizio di Re Salomone
Scuola genovese (seguace di Luca Cambiaso)
Prima metà XVII sec.
Öl auf Leinwand
Nicht signiert
Angeboten mit Rahmen
In ordentlichem Gesamtzustand
89×125 cm
99×9×133 cm
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