Frankreich - Unteroffizier-Kepi, Infanterie-Kepi und Veterinär-Kepi

Frankreich - Unteroffizier-Kepi, Infanterie-Kepi und Veterinär-Kepi
Original - Guter Zustand

Kepi of a sub-officer from the ecole militaire saint maixent.
Red top, grey band, small semi-spherical gilded buttons, the fake ‘ribbed’ chinstrap (they’ve lost their colour a bit).
Visor is made of strong cardboard covered in fabric and black varnish. Thick blackened leather sweat band, grey satin interior.
The bottom of the visor needs to be cleaned.
Inscription on the inside ‘Dupont Louis maitre tailleur ecole miliaire de saint maixent’
20th century

Health and veterinary service kepi, artillery regiment, red on top, burgundy velvet band and golden cord.
The kepi visor has some sun exposure, some signs of wear and tear.
Red satin interior, inscription ‘Mme Barbier Merignard a Saumur’.

Infantry kepi number 21, red on the top and black band.
Visor has some sun exposure and some scratches, blue satin interior, inscription ‘Givord André maitre tailleur’

Unteroffizier-Kepi, Infanterie-Kepi und Veterinär-Kepi
Guter Zustand
Mit Echtheitszertifikat
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