Großer rauer EMERALD - Edelstein - 24×18×15 mm - 4 g

Großer rauer EMERALD - Edelstein - 24×18×15 mm - 4 g
Muzo, Kolumbien

I'm offering You this time beautiful beryl var emerald from famous location.

Pictures showing good color and quality of this specimen. Emerald is much nicer in person.
and this amazing effect with back light... just amazing. Treatment unknown - probably dyed.
Coronavirus attention - shipping costs in all my listings are higher than normal - Post Office closed international shipping and now I have to use courier company. Hope they won't close courier international shipping too

Hauptmineral/ Name Meteorit
Großer rauer EMERALD
Kristallform/ Art Meteorit
- Edelstein
24×18×15 mm
4 g
Herkunft (Region/ Stadt)
Herkunft (Land)
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