Rubelli Vetri D'Arte - Satz von 6 Goti de Fornasa - Muranoglas

Rubelli Vetri D'Arte - Satz von 6 Goti de Fornasa - Muranoglas
Italien - 2000-heute

Set of 6 colourful Murano glass drinking glasses.
Embellished with Murrine Millefiori and varied in colours.
These are the typical “Goti de Fornasa.”
These glasses were created in the furnaces to meet the master glassmakers and their assistants need to drink. They were made from glass paste without paying much attention to their shape. Each of them is unique!
They were made like this on purpose, so that everyone could immediately distinguish their glass.
The colourful decorations recall the Carnival in Venice.
Made in Murano, hand worked and mouth blown according to the ancient traditions of glass masters for Rubelli Vetri d'Arte.
Provided with certificate of authenticity.
We can assure a safe packaging, thanks to decades of experience in shipping of glass items.
Glass dimensions:- height 11.5 cm- diameter 8.5 cm
Weight of 6 glasses: 1.800 kg

Satz von 6 Goti de Fornasa
Hersteller/ Marke
Rubelli Vetri D'Arte
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