Mino Maccari (1898 - 1989) - Soldati

Mino Maccari (1898 - 1989) - Soldati
Tuschezeichnung - Handsigniert - non datato

Work size: 26 x 32 cm. Size with frame: 52.3 x 57.5 cm.

The work is archived in the legal archives of Mino Maccari’s works by Marco, Giuseppe and Bruna Maccari. The buyer will receive the original archive card, on the back of the photo, signed by Marco Maccari and certified by the notary Torrisi of Viareggio.

It is an interesting felt-tip drawing, clearly referring to the period of the Second World War. Two German soldiers and probably an American sailor are visible. It is therefore a work of considerable historical interest, a drawing of sure authenticity by one of the great names of 20th-century Italian historical painting.

The condition is very good, there is only a tear near the upper edge in the centre, which however has no aesthetic impact on the painting, other very small lacerations along the right edge; the paper shows the natural yellowing due to aging.

Work with certificate of authenticity and lawful origin.

Foreign buyers and reminded that for shipping outside of Italy a certificate of free circulation is necessary, an authorisation issued by the Ministry of Fine Arts. The completion of this procedure, also due to the limitations imposed by Covid-19, may take from a minimum of 15 days to over a month.

Italian buyers are reminded to provide their tax code to issue the invoice in case of purchase.

Mino Maccari (1898 - 1989)
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