NBA Basketball - Michael Jordan - Kunstwerk

NBA Basketball - Michael Jordan - Kunstwerk

Artwork on special paper with weave effect, made with mixed media and details in watercolours. The dimensions of the work are 21 x 28 cm. Applied on black Fine Arts cardboard measuring 30 x 40 cm. Special details in relief. Edition 1/1, with certificate of authenticity.

Matteo Falchetti is a street artist who does not go unnoticed. He is a self-taught artist born in the late 1980s. His paintings are made with mixed media, including stencils, pastes, acrylic colours, watercolours and powders. He loves to experiment and create his works using various tools such as graphic programs, brushes and spatulas.

This unique and original piece is signed and dated by the artist, limited edition.

Sport/ Veranstaltung
NBA Basketball
Name Athlet
Michael Jordan
40×30×0 cm
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