Seltener Trilobit - Minicryphaeus giganteus

Seltener Trilobit - Minicryphaeus giganteus
DEVON (358,9-419,2 Millionen Jahre)

Species: Minicryphaeus giganteus
Age: Devonian
Locality: Morocco

Measurements: 5.4 x 3.7 cm (trilobite) - 9.3 x 7.7 cm (matrix)
Weight: 426 g (box included)

A beautiful specimen of this rare species. Great conservation and preparation work. Unrestored.
This would be a fabulous addition to any trilobite collection.

The trilobite will be sent in a protective plastic box.

All items are carefully wrapped and protected to reach you safely.
Track & Trace shipment with insurance (sent usually 3-4 days after payment receipt).

Seltener Trilobit
Wissenschaftlicher Name
Minicryphaeus giganteus
Geologischer Zeitraum
DEVON (358,9-419,2 Millionen Jahre)
Guter Zustand
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