Seltenes Emblem. - Chevrolet 1956

Seltenes Emblem. - Chevrolet 1956
1 Objekte - Gut - Sichtbare Gebrauchsspuren und Alterserscheinungen - 5×16×40 cm - Metall

Length 40 cm, height 5 cm, track .

William Durant founded the Chevrolet Motor Corporation on 13 September 1915 as a holding company covering Chevrolet and the other car companies Durant had founded since leaving General Motors. By 1916, Chevrolet had become so profitable that Durant could become majority shareholder of General Motors. He then acquired 54.5% of GM's shares. This made him director again and Chevrolet joined GM as a separate division. In 1918, the brand introduced its first truck, and in May of that year, GM acquired Chevrolets assets.

GM opened its first assembly plant in Europe in 1923. That plant, called GM International A/S, was built in Copenhagen, Denmark, and produced Chevrolets for the northeastern European market. It was the first time GM built vehicles outside of North America.

Art des Objekts
Seltenes Emblem.
Qualität (Automobilia)
Original/ offiziell
Chevrolet 1956
Gut - Sichtbare Gebrauchsspuren und Alterserscheinungen
5×16×40 cm
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