Marinus Johannes de Jongere (1912-1977) - Havengezicht Rotterdam

Marinus Johannes de Jongere (1912-1977) - Havengezicht Rotterdam
Öl auf Leinwand - Signiert r.o. - Onbekend

M de Jongere 1912 - 1977.

Early work from the oeuvre of De Jongere in the style of Mastenbroek, a fully decorative work with grain silos, three-master and on the left side of the foreground are some flat bottomed barges with the flags at half-mast (this was done that they could see that the ships could be supplied).

The painter Marius Drulman worked a lot using his alias Marius de Jongere.

He made various trips to Belgium, Switzerland, France and Germany.

He was a student of the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. He became widely renowned for his harbour views.

His work is, amongst others, in the collection of the Kamper museum.

The painter M de Jongere experienced the peak of his fame in the fifties and sixties, just as the Port of Rotterdam developed into world port number 1.

Will be carefully packed and sent internationally.

Marinus Johannes de Jongere (1912-1977)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Havengezicht Rotterdam
Öl auf Leinwand
Signiert r.o.
In sehr gutem Zustand, leichter Oberflächenschmutz
Verkauf mit Rahmen
1 kg
40×70 cm
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