Finnland - Complete Collection 1850-2004 - Norma 2017 over 10.000€

Finnland - Complete Collection 1850-2004 - Norma 2017 over 10.000€
Bedarfspost, gestempelt, MH (ungebraucht)

A very valuable (10.000€+), should be a complete collection from 1850-2004 in three Leuchtturm albums.
(no empty spots in Albums -over 1 600 different stamps + variations)

Quite a many of them have both versions(cancelled/MH)+
some extra pages of color, perforation and postmarks variations + rare covers.

This collection have hundreds of superb postmarks (4-10 times more valuable than normal cancellations)

See pictures for your own impression.

This is part of my wife's grandfather's huge stamp collection (156 albums). This was his best Finnish album collection - only his exhibition collection of Finland 1795-1945 is larger and a lot more valuable.

Geographische Herkunft
Vollständige Briefmarkensammlung
Kurze Beschreibung
Complete Collection 1850-2004
Name des offiziellen Katalogs
Norma 2017
over 10.000€
Bedarfspost, gestempelt, MH (ungebraucht)
Mit Zertifikat oder Expertensignatur
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