Skulptur - Rubinstein, Türkis, Vergoldete Bronze - Bodhisattva, Grüne Tara - Jewelled - Sino Tibetaner - Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts

Skulptur - Rubinstein, Türkis, Vergoldete Bronze - Bodhisattva, Grüne Tara - Jewelled - Sino Tibetaner - Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts
Guter Zustand, siehe Beschreibung - 120×215×135 mm

This is a beautiful, jewelled, highly decorative, gilt bronze ( fire gilding process) Sino Tibetan or Nepalese Green Tara Bodhisattva, with genuine Turquoise and Ruby gemstones settings.

She's seated in Royal Posture ( Lalitasana) upon a tall raised, double lotus throne, with additional decorative embellishments.

With an elaborate jewelled tall crown, she has a serene face and demeanour, body jewellery ( Indian beads symbolising enlightenment) tied up hair, sacred mudras, large lotus flowers, iconic robes and attire. All these sacred attributes are representative of a classic Green Tara.

The base has a sealed copper consecration plate wjth varja stamp. I've not opened it so I cannot confirm it has sacred contents like some of my other pieces.( I only open those with loose plates)

Overall in good condition with a beautiful patina, wear and loss to the gilt. The remaining gilt is still bright and reflects light beautifully, as can be seen from the photos. Please note there's some green oxidisation.

I've personally carefully reset the 24 empty jewellery settings ( please see pictures of statue before setting) with geniune high quality, hand made, natural Persian Turquoise, and African Rubies ( I was a successful and acclaimed Jewellery Designer in Soho, London in the 1990s).


Turquoise x 19 ( 1.5 mm cabochons. Mohs Hardness scale 5-6)

Rubies x 5 ( 1.5 mm -3 mm Round cut. Heat treated. Mohs Hardness scale 9. Grade AAA. Carat. 0.01)


Although identical to the the style of pieces from the 1600-1900s of Tara, and with fine modelling, I'm dating this statue from the late 20th, or early 21st century.

A wonderful Collectors piece, perfect Buddhist Altar statue, gift, or powerful interior design statement, such as a Yoga Studio or Retreat Centre.

All my statues are are kept under Buddhist and/or Taoist conditions. They are consecreated and purified ( I'm empowered to do this by my teachers, though I make no claims as to them therefore having any magical or talismatic powers as statues/dieties ) Income from these is to provide basic financial security for me and my personal retreat. It allows me to continue to train ( including travel to Asia etc to train with my Teachers) practice, and to teach off and online ( now all online) for free or donation. I buy from various auctions and collectors world wide. I offer statues as devotional support to anyone's practices, or simply to bring calm and peace to a home. It is contrary to my vows to engage in the business of selling holy objects for profit. Therefore I do not provide these objects in an ordinary way, thinking of them as goods to be bought and sold. Rather I'm making them available with the express wish to benefit others. All funds in excess of my costs help me to continue my activities.

Please Note :
Please do not bid if you are unable to pay. Bidders who fail to pay are blocked from future auctions by Catawiki.

CONDITION: Good. With wear, patina, dust, blemishes, oxidization,small scratches, minor losses of gilt, small casting faults and excesses, modelling and casting irregularities, consistent with type and age of manufacture.

AGE: Late 20th century. Early 21st.

ORIGIN: Sino Tibetan or Nepal. English Collection. Part of my private collection im selling due to needs arising from the covid crisis.


Height:215mm / 8.5 inch approximately

Width:120mm / 5 inch approximately

Depth: 135mm / 5 inch

Weight:1120g/ 2.5 lbs approximately

Carefully packaged and shipped tracked and signed insured.

Rubinstein, Türkis, Vergoldete Bronze
Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts
Herkunftsregion/ Herkunftsland
Sino Tibetaner
Motiv/ Darstellung
Bodhisattva, Grüne Tara
Titel des Kunstwerks
Guter Zustand, siehe Beschreibung
120×215×135 mm
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