Zeiss Ikon Contax 1 (a) 1932/33

Zeiss Ikon Contax 1 (a) 1932/33
Messsucherkamera - Not tested

This is the well-known Contax 1 - Rangefinder camera by Zeiss Ikon (pre-WW II).

The model offered here also has equal serial numbers / 1 letter (U) in the code on the inside of the camera (an important fact to the connoisseur). This Contax 1 was not returned to the Zeiss factory at the time because of the known starting problems in the beginning with the high-speed shutter. The returned cameras were given a second letter in the code. This model is among the 3% that did not go back to the factory.

Curtain shutter is intact and works! Speeds have not been measured for accuracy, but curtain goes up and closes well. Lens looks good considering its age.

Lens: bright Tessar 2.8. Everything was built to compete with Leica. This succeeded in part, however, the reliability was not as good as desired.

Zeiss Ikon proved that the world was ready for the next step. The Contax 1 was that step.

Original leather Zeiss bag present.

*No warranties/risk buyer.

Zeiss Ikon
Contax 1 (a) 1932/33
Not tested
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