2 Bücher: Öllampen aus Süd- und Südostasien und dem Himalaya + Himalaya-Kunst (2) - . - Asien - Gemischt

2 Bücher: Öllampen aus Süd- und Südostasien und dem Himalaya + Himalaya-Kunst (2) - . - Asien - Gemischt
Sehr guter Zustand, siehe Beschreibung - 3×23×29 cm

Book 1

Flames of Devotion - Oil Lamps from South and Southeast Asia and the Himalayas
111 pages
Soft cover
26 x 20 cm

Mint Condition

Fire and light have long symbolized the relationship of human beings to the universe and its creators. In South and Southeast Asia and the Himalayas, the lamp, as a bearer of light, came to be perceived as a vehicle through which the divine could be accessed. The design, construction, and use of the lamp in these regions have been synonymous with the faith of the devotee since ancient times. Today, the lamp continues to play a pivotal role in Hindu and Buddhist religious contexts, allowing the faithful to concentrate on the image or nature of the deity. The 76 remarkable metal lamps and incense burners illustrated in "Flames of Devotion" form the heart of a collection assembled by the preeminent scholar of Indian and Himalayan art Pratapaditya Pal and his wife, Chitralekha. They are noteworthy for their ingenious design and diverse crafting, as well as their iconographic richness. They represent fourteen states in India, a majority coming from Rajasthan and Gujarat in the west, the tribal areas in central Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, and the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In addition, stunning examples of lamps from Nepal and Tibet showcase the skill with which precious metals were employed during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and a small selection of early incense burners and lamps from Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam show the role these objects played in the ancient imagination.


Book 2

Himalayan Art
143 pages
Hard cover
29 x 23 cm

Mint Condition

The Himalayas have some of the highest inhabited regions in the world, and perhaps some of the oldest as well. Regions like Tibet, Ladakh, Kashmir, Nepal, Bhutan, north-east India, north Pakistan, have acted as wombs for the gestation of unique cultures, each with its own tapestry of beliefs, customs, art, architecture, crafts, cuisines, and so on. Much of Himalayan art, especially architecture, paintings, sculpture are rooted in religious practices, rituals, and beliefs. Buddhism, Hinduism, Bon Shamanism, and different tribal cultures form the major wisdom traditions that have nurtured singular art forms. Himalayan Art showcases art from the culturally rich and diverse Himalayan regions. From glowing thangkas (scroll paintings), ritual daggers, fierce masks to serene stupas, majestic monasteries, and palaces to impermanent sand mandalas. The art traditions of the Himalayas is extensively documented in this book. Alongside, there is the everyday art of handmade fabrics, finely woven shawls, exquisite embroidery, intricate wood and stone carving. In this book, the sacred unites with the secular to make for a stunning, enriching, and magical experience. Himalayan Art also showcases and provides information on the unique art traditions of the Himalayas - a rare glimpse into a world that is fast becoming extinct due to the pressures of modernity, insensitive development, and a loss of the livelihoods.

Gesamtzahl der Objekte
2 Bücher: Öllampen aus Süd- und Südostasien und dem Himalaya + Himalaya-Kunst
Sehr guter Zustand, siehe Beschreibung
3×23×29 cm
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