Variant Panini - N.V. 't Raedthuys - Voetbal! - 1949 - Komplettes Album

Variant Panini - N.V. 't Raedthuys - Voetbal! - 1949 - Komplettes Album
Sehr guter Zustand - von Klaas Peereboom und Bob Uschi

Offered a lot of an early forerunner of Panini: a complete album of Voetbal! by Klaas Peereboom and Bob Uschi; this is an edition of N.V. 't Raedthuys in Amsterdam. (1949). The album has 100 images and the back is bound with rope.

The album has been preserved in fine condition, with only a few superficial traces of use, such as a long pen stripe on the cover and a scuffed spot, also on the front. Furthermore, there is slight damage to 1 page at the bottom, where the edge is frayed. These traces of use can all be seen in the photos. The overall impression after 71 years is simply very good.

The caricatures concern players from clubs all over the country, some of the big names from then are K Rijvers, B de Harder, M Clavan and A de Vroet, and numerous others, including players from many clubs who no longer exist or have later joined another club. Very nicely drawn and a wonderful look back at the football from just after the war, there is a lot of text on the pages to immerse yourself in this.

Look at the pictures of this lot accurately for a personal impression, there are as many sides of this lot in the picture as possible, this lot will be packed with the utmost care to reduce the risk of damage to the minimum, first by wrapping it in a piece of bubble wrap, with a sturdy box around it, the shipping of the object is for NL and other countries anywhere in the world as a registered package.

The shipment of the lot takes place no later than three business days after receipt of payment, cheap shipping costs are available for winning several lots within the same auction; lots are sent with an additional insurance that covers the value of the winning bid if applicable, if you are temporarily absent, then this does not have to be a problem, the lot can be sent later on request, and after mutual consultation, keep a close eye on the track and trace code please, so that the lot is not sent back unnecessarily, thanks for the effort.

Thema/ Serie
Voetbal! - 1949
Variant Panini - N.V. 't Raedthuys
Komplettes Album
Sehr guter Zustand
von Klaas Peereboom und Bob Uschi
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