Ein Teller mit Landschaft - Kanton Emaille - China - 19. Jahrhundert

Ein Teller mit Landschaft - Kanton Emaille - China - 19. Jahrhundert
Mäßiger Zustand, siehe Beschreibung - 0×15×0 cm

Provenance: From an old British private collection.

This lot comes from the private collection of Mr. J. Bahamonde who over a period of 20 years acquired his collection from various prestigious dealers. His degree in archaeology from one of the best British universities and passion for Chinese art is reflected in this lovely plate.

The finely enamelled plate depicting a winter landscape with mountains, dwellings, a river and figures; the cavetto and the underside with foliage that have been highlighted with gilt; and a flower in the centre. A very beautiful example of 18th century enamelled Chinese art.

Diameter: 15 cm.

Condition: Very good for this type of enamel and of this age; vivid colours, few light stress hairlines, two small losses in the cavetto, one small on the foot rim and minor losses along the outside rim. The plate is very stable.

Ein Teller mit Landschaft
Kanton Emaille
19. Jahrhundert
Mäßiger Zustand, siehe Beschreibung
0×15×0 cm
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