Spanien - Juan Carlos I Peseta 1979-87-92 - Silber

Spanien - Juan Carlos I Peseta 1979-87-92 - Silber
Polierte Platte (PP)

Case, Juan Carlos I de Borbon 1975
Triple Flor de Lis Minted on 26-6-1979
Weight: 25 grams Silver 900 / 40 mm diameter
Proof, Perfect
Limited mintage

Case - Official FNMT-1992

200 Pesetas / Silver
Madrid-European Capital of Culture – Cibeles
Case + Coin + Certificate of Authenticity.
Coin, 200 Pesetas, silver year 1992 quality Fleur de coin.
Title: 0.925 / Diameter: 25.5mm / Weight: 12.25g / Edge: Fluted

'Asi nace una moneda' pack, 500 PTS 1987/XXV Aniv. Boda-SSMM Reyes-España, .
Contains 6 specimens 500 pesetas 1987/2 tests in Steel/2 in 925 silver of 12.5 g/1 coin FDC 500Pts in bronze, aluminium, iron/1 medal in copper CECA- Madrid/Mintage 25000 sets/3 covers in methacrylate + FNMT booklet.

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Jahr / Periode und Variation
Polierte Platte (PP)
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