Sandy McLea - Rural Facade V

Sandy McLea - Rural Facade V
3D fotografisches Diorama - Signiert - 1/7

Rural Facade V by Sandy McLea
58 x 75 cm including frame (37 x 55cm photo size)
3D photographic diorama
1/7 (Edition of 7)

'Rural Facade' is a body of work by South African photographer, Sandy McLea.
It depicts a scenario where an urban sub-culture, represented by graffiti, has made its way from the cities to the unexpected rural environments.

This artwork is made from photographs of graffiti from urban areas layered on top of a rural scene. The technique is paper tole, where parts of an image are repeated and layered above each other, creating a 3D effect.
Sandy uses this effect on the graffiti, pushing it away from the surface to represent that it has yet to fit into the rural environment. Parts of the scene are also raised slightly.

It is framed in a black wooden frame, behind glass.

This artwork has arrived at our London art gallery direct from the artists studio and has not been purchased prior to this.

A certificate of authenticity is included.

Sandy McLea
Titel des Kunstwerks
Rural Facade V
3D fotografisches Diorama
VZ (ausgezeichnet)
37×55 cm
58×75×5 cm
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