Altägyptisches neues Königreich Jaspis Fliegen Sie Amulett - 13.4×9.1×3.7 mm

Altägyptisches neues Königreich Jaspis Fliegen Sie Amulett - 13.4×9.1×3.7 mm
14th century BC.

Egyptian New Kingdom Amarna fly amulet
A carved jasper amuletic pendant in the form of a fly. The wings and body carved on both sides for realism; pierced longitudinally for suspension.
New Kingdom, Dynasty XVIII, Amarna period: 1353-1335 BC.

For similar fly amulets see Christies’s Antiquities sale of Baron Empain collection; 14th April 2011: Lot 66

Footnotes: The origin of the fly amulet goes back to the period before 3100 BC. The fly amulet symbol possibly arose from a wish to emulate the fly's well known reproductive powers. They were made in a variety of materials, including gold, and the golden fly was used in the New Kingdom as an honour award for military valour. No fewer than thirty-three fly amulets came from the tomb of the wives of Tuthmosis III.

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Altägyptisches neues Königreich
Fliegen Sie Amulett
13.4×9.1×3.7 mm
Jahrhundert/ Zeitraum
14th century BC.
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