Frantoio Gaudenzi, "Quinta Luna" - Extra virgin olive oil - 2 - 3 litri

Frantoio Gaudenzi, "Quinta Luna" - Extra virgin olive oil - 2 - 3 litri
no dop - Umbrien - Italien

The oil was three times in the ‘World Top 20’ by ‘Flos Olei’.
Among the various insights of Francesco and Rossana perhaps the best is this one, Quinta Luna. In order to study the behaviour of varieties according to harvest time, in 2007 they brought the harvest forward by one month, exactly after just 5 moons from flowering. The result is one of the most appreciated oils of our mill.
Quinta Luna is a very intense and fragrant oil. By bringing forward the harvest, almond and red fruits hints give way to artichoke hints, notes of freshly cut grass and olive leaves. The bitter and the spicy aromas are more pronounced, but incredibly still remain in perfect balance.

Anzahl Flaschen
Art von Öl/ Essig
Extra virgin olive oil
3 litri
Name des Herstellers
Frantoio Gaudenzi, "Quinta Luna"
Geschützte Ursprungsbezeichnung
no dop
Zustand der Flasche
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