Maculan fratta - Extra virgin olive oil - 6 - 500 ml

Maculan fratta - Extra virgin olive oil - 6 - 500 ml
dop - Venetien - Italien

6 x 500 ml bottles. In our properties we grow three varieties of olives: Frantoio 80%, Leccino 17% and Moriglione 3%.

The olives are harvested in half veraison, that is, half purple and half green. They are picked by hand and brought to the farm where there is an innovative steel mill. Here they are defoliated, washed and pitted. The paste is passed through a decanter to obtain the separation of the watery part from the fat part. The resulting liquid is decanted to remove residues of peels, pulp and water. Less than 12 hours pass from the harvest to the end of production in order to avoid oxidation and maintain the level of peroxides, vitamins and antioxidants that make the quality of the oil.

This is very important in order to avoid oxidations, to maintain the content of peroxides, vitamins and antioxidants that make up the quality of an oil. The different lots are tasted by a panel of expert tasters who decide the final blends. So we get two oils which are equal by method of production, but very different in taste.

It is more powerful, with notes of almond, artichoke, definitely spicy and robust. 500 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil Maculan Fratta

Anzahl Flaschen
Art von Öl/ Essig
Extra virgin olive oil
500 ml
Name des Herstellers
Maculan fratta
Geschützte Ursprungsbezeichnung
Zustand der Flasche
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