3x Joia, 3x Sirk - Wein und Marc Vinegard - 6 - Bottles(3x750ml, 3x500ml)

3x Joia, 3x Sirk - Wein und Marc Vinegard - 6 - Bottles(3x750ml, 3x500ml)
Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italien

Lot including 6 bottles of very fine wine vinegar:
3 bottles of wine and pomace ‘Joia Organic’ vinegar (750 ml) created by Manuela Barcovini and produced by Azienda Agricola Roncus;
3 bottles of wine vinegar ‘from whole grapes’ (500 ml), produced by Acetaia Sirk della Subida,
Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy;

3 bottles of wine and pomace ‘Joia Organic’ vinegar (750 ml) - Azienda Agricola Roncus.
Nestled in the Collio in the middle of the green vineyards, as far as the eye can see on the surrounding hills, there is this small reality, a very small acetaia (vinegar cellar) with much to offer.
In Capriva del Friuli, the scent of wood, dreams and vinegar weave together to create a niche line produced exclusively by hand that speaks of values, work, love and passion that are inherent in these people and in the territory where they live.
The great idea is to find new ways of conceiving and proposing the vinegar, imagined as a fragrance ready to give new flavours and scents to new and ever-dishes.
The different level of filling of the bottles, manually done, is a sign of the craftsmanship of the product.

3 bottles of wine vinegar ‘from whole grapes’ (500 ml) - Acetaia Sirk della Subida.
The white grape, from native vines, is produced with care in the vineyard adjacent to the acetaia, on a graded side of the hill overlooking the Subida, in Cormòns, in the heart of Collio.
The vinegar is produced with the best grapes of the Collio, the same which the exceptional wines of the territory come from.
Once well ripe, the grapes are brought into the acetaia, they are destemmed and put in small vats where the alcohol fermentation takes place. After eight to ten days, the sugars turned into alcohol. At this time the acetic fermentation is triggered with mother vinegar. This happens absolutely spontaneously and lasts almost a year, until the following autumn, when all the alcohol will have turned into acetic acid.
In the kitchen, it can be be used not only as a dressing or seasoning in sauces, its aroma and complexity suggest a much more varied use.
Here some examples:
- on eggs;
- on omelettes, especially with herbs;
- dishes with asparagus or shoots;
- on hearty soups, on barley and beans, on gulassuppe, on tripe;
- on fatty fish, on eel, brill, tench, in fish broth;
- one drop! On oysters;
- in sorbets or fruit salads;
- on raspberries, blueberries and strawberries;
- on sugar when caramelises and tends to be cloying

Anzahl Flaschen
Art von Öl/ Essig
Wein und Marc Vinegard
Bottles(3x750ml, 3x500ml)
Name des Herstellers
3x Joia, 3x Sirk
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Zustand der Flasche
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