"Micu" Olearia San Giorgio - Extra virgin olive oil - 6 - 500 ml

"Micu" Olearia San Giorgio - Extra virgin olive oil - 6 - 500 ml
Kalabrien - Italien

Lot of six bottles 500 ml each of Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by Olearia San Giorgio, numbered reserve of the manufacturer ‘MICU 1906 GRAND CRU’, each of them contained in its own elegant case and, in turn, in the silkscreen carton with the same brand. Limited and numbered edition.

Here is the new extra virgin olive from the house Olearia San Giorgio. A grand cru extracted from a selection of Ottobratica and Cassanese olives from olive groves of municipalities that are part of the Aspromonte National Park, Calabria. ‘Micu’ is Domenico, the company founding grandfather. This oil is dedicated to him. Born in 1906, for this it was packaged in 1906 numbered bottles.

The olives from which the MICU extra virgin was produced were in perfect health and gave an exceptional medium fruity oil, with pronounced herbaceous scents and a strong tomato note with a spicy note and a very balanced bitter. Tasting it deeply by pouring a few drops on hot boiled potatoes or on a dish of even cold beans, or on blue fish, will express the apex of taste, transforming the pleasantness of the meal into poetry.

Anzahl Flaschen
Art von Öl/ Essig
Extra virgin olive oil
500 ml
Name des Herstellers
"Micu" Olearia San Giorgio
Zustand der Flasche
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