Felipe pantone - Skate MMVXII Signature Series & Montana black artist edition

Felipe pantone - Skate MMVXII Signature Series & Montana black artist edition
Skate Deck - Signiert in der Platte - 2018

Renowned skateboard brand Miller Division partners with Ink and Movement to launch the "Signature Series" - a collection of skateboards featuring exclusive designs from top artists.

A hard Canadian maple wood board made in the U. S. An artisanal process turns the timberyard wood into an unrepeatable piece.

Note: The panel has damaged packaging, but the table is perfect, you can see it in the last photo

Montana BLACK Artist Can introduces world-renowned artist Felipe PANTONE (aka Pant1). This super prolific ULTRA BOY, is of Argentine-Spanish origin and currently resides in Valencia, Spain, where his studio is located. PANTONE is a self-confessed child from the Internet age who works with notions of dynamism and kinetic art. However drenched in its street based, graffiti roots. Although the letters are no longer an important feature of his artwork, PANTONE truly exhibits his desire to create exceptional quality artistic output. It is no surprise that he chose his favourite Montana BLACK colour, Infra Red-BLK IN3000.

Felipe Pantone (born in 1986) is an Argentine-Spanish contemporary artist. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and grew up in southeastern Spain. Pantone's work is based on kinetic art, installations, graffiti and design, characterised by the "use of bold colours, geometric patterns and pop art elements”.

Note: The spray cannot be shipped outside Europe because it is full.

Felipe pantone
Titel des Kunstwerks
Skate MMVXII Signature Series & Montana black artist edition
Skate Deck
Signiert in der Platte
81×21 cm
Verkauf mit Rahmen
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