Shepard Fairey (OBEY) x Invader - LA_56

Shepard Fairey (OBEY) x Invader - LA_56
Siebdruck/ Serigraphie - gestempelt, nummeriert - 300 - 2019

Limited edition pigmented ink on art paper 300gr "LA_52" by Invader & Obey (Shepard Fairey), signed in plate, stamped and numbered by the artist in an edition of 300 pieces. Printed in Paris and based on a picture from 2002 took by Invader.

This print was sold only in the Paris Obey shop and was extremely hard to get due to the huge queue who begin at 4am in front of the shop.

Edition : 300 pieces, sold out 3 hours after the opening of the shop.

Condition : Good, but has a dent on the back (see last photo). Isn't visible on the front.

The print is stored flat and also will be shipped flat in a sturdy cardboard filled envelope with insurance.


Time in transit to (especially) other continents can now take up to 90 days because of the Covid virus.

Once the package arrives in your country, your post takes over. Customs offices can delay packages. Sometimes there are delays along the way which i can't control.

More about Invader :

Invader (French, b.1969), also known as Space Invader, is an Urban artist originally based in Paris. He affixes mosaic images of characters from the 1970s video game “Space Invaders" in cities around the world. Once a work is completed, Invader records it as an "invasion" and creates accompanying maps and reference books to indicate the location of each piece. Invader began these urban, outdoor installations in Paris in 1998, and continued to "invade" 31 other cities in France, followed by an additional 22 cities across Europe. Currently, cities in the United States, Canada, Asia, and Australia are also home to examples of Invader's work. Invader is from the same booming of urban artists as Shepard Fairey (Obey), Ben Eine, Pure Evil, Ludo, Rero, C215, Jef Aérosol, JR, Swoon, Orlinksi, Speedy Graphito, Vhils, Ming, Ferrari, Rolex, Piguet, Ernest Pignon Ernest, Picasso, Atari, Panier, Hirst, Koons, Vu, D Face, Ron, Murakami, Shrigley, Polock, Koons, Dubuffet, Matisse, Delaunay, Buffet, Kapoor, Wesselmann, Dine, Hockney, Kapoor, et Os Gemeos. The mosaics are made using weather-resistant tiles, which represent the pixels used for graphics in early video and computer games. At the end these brand Timberland, Off White, Jordan, Fear of God, Versace, Boss, Moncler, Arman, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Supreme, Bape, Champion, Comme des Garçons, Dover Street Art Market, Superdry, Carhartt, Kenzo enjoy the popularity of Invader. The installation process typically takes at least one week, including scouting, recording, and mapping locations. One of the most conspicuous locations to feature works by Invader is the landmark Hollywood Sign in California; the first mosaic work was mounted on the "D," on December 31, 1999. In addition to mosaics, Invader creates similarly pixelated works using Rubik’s Cubes. Since 2000, Invader is one of the most popular urban artist and sells in the most popular auctions in the world alongside Seth, Basquiat, Miss-Tic , Mr Chat, JonOne, Zevs, Dran, Stik, Soulages, Mathieu, Mr Brainwash, Kaws, Roa, Blu, Dolk, Toy, Bearbrick, Ai Weiwei, Dali, Hartung, Francis, Roy Lichtenstein, Haring, Combas, Warhol, Mesnager, Levalet, Blek Le Rat and Brusk. Invader's works have been featured in galleries around the world, and he gained even greater popularity and renown after he was featured in the 2010 documentary film about Street Art, Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Shepard Fairey (OBEY) x Invader
Titel des Kunstwerks
Siebdruck/ Serigraphie
gestempelt, nummeriert
27×18 cm
Verkauf mit Rahmen
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