Prächtiges Taufbecken - H 110 cm - 2 Module - Marmor aus Nembro del Garda - 2000-heute

Prächtiges Taufbecken - H 110 cm - 2 Module - Marmor aus Nembro del Garda - 2000-heute
Italien, Venedig

Magnificent marble baptismal font in Nembro del Garda marble, entirely fluted under the basin.
From a private collection in Venice.
A piece of high quality and workmanship. Excellent as a home decoration item both indoor and outdoor.
It is composed of two distinct modules: a round basin, supported by a robust and elegant column.
The basin is simply set onto the column with a pin, as shown in pictures, and can rotate around it.
A very unique lot. Nice marble grain, as are the decorations along the column. This is an exclusive item, very hard to find.
Marble is of superlative beauty, extraordinary shininess and brightness.
Perfect as a piece of furniture, especially indoor or even outdoor yet covered (eg under a porch).
A proportionate item, of remarkable size and weight. Majestic work, of great prestige and value.
The lot is intact and in excellent overall condition.
In case of shipping, it will be delivered in a wooden crate in order to guarantee its absolute integrity. Tracked, safe and affordable shipping throughout Italy, Europe and rest of the world.

- overall height 110 cm,

- basin diameter 75 cm,
- base 55 x 55 x H 90 cm.
Weight 263 kg.

Prächtiges Taufbecken - H 110 cm - 2 Module
Marmor aus Nembro del Garda
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Italien, Venedig
Guter Zustand - gebraucht, mit geringfügigen Altersspuren & Mängeln
110×75×75 cm
263 kg
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