1 Hewlett Packard - Jornada 420

1 Hewlett Packard - Jornada 420
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the device is functional but only if the cable is connected for a long time has not been used

In many of our PDA reviews, we say that PDAs can keep you working while you're on the road. In this case, we put that statement to the test; part of this review was written on the Jornada itself. You can organize your appointments, to-do list, address book, and more while you're traveling. You can also keep up with the latest news and stay connected to your desktop, all in beautiful color with the HP Jornada 420.

To set up the Jornada, we installed the battery pack, connected the AC power cord, placed the Jornada in its docking cradle, and followed the on-screen instructions. Then, we installed Microsoft Windows CE Services 2.2 and followed its setup wizard. The process was entirely straightforward, made painless by following the Getting Started card.

When you turn on the Jornada 420, you'll notice its CSTN LCD display--a type of passive matrix display--has colors that are as bright as those on many active matrix displays. You navigate through the Jornada's core information management applications by pressing several side-mounted buttons, designed for one-handed operation, or by tapping the stylus on the backlit display. The display has a transparent plastic shield to protect the screen while you read from it. The Jornada 420 is very comfortable to hold and operate. For text input, you have your choice of tapping the on-screen keyboard or using the Jot handwriting system.

In our test, on the desktop PC, we added a mobile channel to Microsoft Internet Explorer's channels. (The feature does not work with Netscape Navigator.) We then set the ActiveSync options to include channels during the synchronization process. After synchronization, we could read information from the channel at our leisure. We also moved a Note Taker file from the Jornada's My Documents folder to our desktop PC, where the file became part of this review.

As part of the HP family of PDAs, the Jornada 420 inherits many fine characteristics, such as rugged good looks, but as the smallest and most portable member, we also appreciated its unique identity.

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Jornada 420
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