Türkischer Nomadenkilim - 110 cm - 76 cm

Türkischer Nomadenkilim - 110 cm - 76 cm
Türkei - 1950-1999 - Wolle auf Wolle

Size: 76x110 cm
Material: Wool on Wool
Origin: Konya
It is very unique vintage Turkish Rug,professionally washed and ready to use. The Age is about 1960's . It is a unique hand made rug with naturel dyes. Excellent Condition.
All of my rugs are 100% handmade rugs. We do the all final cares then send them to you in a four days time.
Due to the nature of age, All vintage rugs might have slightly worn, faded, or have minor imperfections adding to the character of the item.That makes them more beautiful and more unique.

I take the photos naturelly, the real,naturel and original rug.I don't make any photoshop or etc.
You will receive the exact rug as pictured.
Use it in your happy days.

Türkischer Nomadenkilim - 110 cm - 76 cm
Wolle auf Wolle
Geschätzter Zeitraum
110 76
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