Yamaha - PSR-16 - Synthesizer, FM-Synthesizer

Yamaha - PSR-16 - Synthesizer, FM-Synthesizer
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The Yamaha PSR-16 is a vintage FM synthesizer from 1988 with 4 operators and 8 algorithms, an FM synthesizer system with 32 basic sounds from the world famous Yamaha DX11.

A nice 'gritty' 12-bits Lo-Fi sound (or actually Medium-Fi!), a Chord Sequencer to record chord progressions, cheesy accompaniment patterns and killer drum sounds, but most importantly: the FM synthesizer. A lot of good sounds, each of the 32 preset sounds of the FM synthesizer can be drastically altered by use of the sliders.

625 synthesizer settings x 32 basic sounds = 20.000 different sounds!

So the result is a huge pile with very usable and organic sounds. Adjusting the sliders while playing also results in some extremely cool effects. Very inspiring instrument. With deep basses.

To produce samples or record directly from this comfortably playing (thanks to the full-size piano keys) keyboard.
In a more than extremely nice condition, as good as new. Complete with adapter The clear manual (PDF) is available online in four languages.
This FM synth is a great addition to your studio or live setup.

•49 piano-size keys (4 octaves, C-C)
•32 basic sounds, can be edited by use of the synthesizer section
•8 notes polyphony
•Effects: sustain (1, 2)
•FM-synthesizer section: spectrum (1-5), brilliance (1-5), Envelope (1-5), vibrato (1-5)
•16 Rhythms: Disco, Pops, 16 beats, Rock, Reggae, Country, Big Band, Swing, Slow Rock, Tango, Salsa, Rumba, Bossanova Marcha, Polka, Waltz.
•Accompaniment section with different chord and bass sounds, fill-ins, etc.
•Accompaniment mode selection: single finger, fingered, manual bass, off
•Chord Sequencer: Record en Playback
•Fine-tuning knop: +/- 50 ct
•Good sounding built-in speaker
•Expression-pedal connector
•Combined stereo Line output and headphone output (6.3 mm stereo jack)
• Dimensions: 861mm x 284mm x 94mm
•Weight: 3.8 kg

Including 12v adapter.

Do not miss your chance and place your best bid.
+ Will be packaged very carefully and sent by registered and insured mail.
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FM-Synthesizer, Synthesizer
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