Philips - PMC-100 - Vintage FM Synthesizer / Tonbandgerät - Niederlande - 1986

Philips - PMC-100 - Vintage FM Synthesizer / Tonbandgerät - Niederlande - 1986
Exzellenter Zustand - Anzahl der Objekte: 7 - Inklusive: Vintage FM Synthesizer / Tonbandgerät - Akku, Originalkoffer, Originalteile, Tragegurt, Handbuch, Kopfhörer, Datenkassette

The 1990s were a nice period, when you could try something out: Combine a Walkman and a recorder with a synthesizer and sequencer, and you have a portable music studio. Which can make lovely old school (LO-FI) sounds and video game tunes nowadays.

This digital portable music sketchpad by Philips was launched in 1986. This portable music computer has a nine-channel FM synth with 100 sounds, a membrane keyboard, 8K of RAM and its most notable feature is the built-in tape deck. This enables you to save your compositions as audio or data. Of course, the Personal Music Composer could also be used as a big Walkman or as a dictaphone.

The system is based on the MSX-Audio Music module for the MSX home computers. Philips was convinced that for below €99.-, a portable keyboard with FM chips could be created for musicians & composers, with which they also had the option for recording their creative ideas on a magnetic tape.
There is a tape deck in the PMC100, which you can use to load or save songs, to play audio tapes and/or recording your songs as audio. The PMC100 also has a good sounding built-in condenser microphone to record vocals or other things.

The LCD screen visualises the entire staff.

There are 100 pre-programmed sounds present, largely from the collection of Yamaha PortaSound, but there also are surprising and usable sound effects in it with delays. Also cool brass sounds and pads. Various accompaniment patterns with unique drum sounds. A very charming instrument to make music in a unique way.

- 2-octave membrane keyboard to play and for digital recording
- Compose on your own with a range of 4 octaves
- 100 super cool FM synthesizer sounds
- Memory for 2,000 notes
- 6 music and 5 rhythm tracks
- 12 accompaniment styles with 4 play modes
- Built-in microphone
- Complete with carrying strap, Philips headphones, original box in reasonably good condition, original Music DataCassette, batteries
- Stereo audio recording and playback, and sequencer-data recording on audio tapes
- Works on batteries (6x 1.5 volts size AA, included) or with a standard adapter (not included)

A super cool retro 1980s Fm synthesizer with sequencer, tape recorder and microphone. Perfect machine for lo-fi, 8-bit and electronic music with various ADHD rhythm patterns and 100 instant 80s sounds. In excellent condition: The device looks unused, complete with box, booklet (*), music data cassette (with all kinds of sample sequences), carrying strap, Philips headphones. Fully tested, works perfectly, only the counter stays at 000. It rewinds/forwards, plays and sounds precisely as it should. A unique piece of music history from Dutch soil in excellent condition.
(*) The manual is missing, so you will be busy for some time figuring out how it works.

Rare collector’s item, in excellent condition, place your best bid.

If your bid is the highest, you will receive the synthesizer/recorder including all accessories. Will be carefully packaged and sent by insured mail.

Art des Instruments/ Objekts
Vintage FM Synthesizer / Tonbandgerät
Exzellenter Zustand
Akku, Originalkoffer, Originalteile, Tragegurt, Handbuch, Kopfhörer, Datenkassette
Serial Number
2 kg
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