Barco Rigging Riemenscheiben (5) - Aluminium, Eisen (Gusseisen/ Schmiedeeisen), verzinktem Stahl

Barco Rigging Riemenscheiben (5) - Aluminium, Eisen (Gusseisen/ Schmiedeeisen), verzinktem Stahl
Deutschland - 1950/1964

Old cast iron block with turntable remover and pulley, attached to thimble. 2 iron / cast hooks for rigging / cargo loading of ships. These pieces belonged to a commercial sailing ship built in the 1950s and registered in Hamburg in 1964. They are in the typical condition of an object that is 70 years old and that has been exposed to salinity, for exhibition / decoration. The other 2 steel / aluminium pulleys are more modern, highly sought after for industrial decoration with a nautical touch.
They belong to my private collection of nautical objects.
Size of the cast iron block: 30 cm high.
Hooks: 20 cm high.
Steel/aluminium pulleys: 12 cm high.
* IMPORTANT: Currently, due to COVID19, flat-rate shipments from Spain are not allowed. They accept measurement and weight limits. The lot weighs more than 8 kg so the estimated expenses are the actual ones. It will also have special packaging, included in the price.

Barco Rigging Riemenscheiben
Aluminium, Eisen (Gusseisen/ Schmiedeeisen), verzinktem Stahl
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Mäßiger Zustand - stark gebraucht & mit möglicherweise fehlenden kleineren Teilen
8 kg
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